Welcome to Olofström

The municipality of Olofström was created in 1967 by a merger of the municipalities of Jämshög and Kyrkhult with the market town of Olofström. The municipality is located in northwest Blekinge and has about 13,500 inhabitants. The municipality borders on Skåne in the west and Småland in the north. The municipality of Olofström is the only inland municipality of Blekinge and enjoys an attractive location, with several larger towns close by, and a mere two-hour trip from Copenhagen. Other conurbations of the municipality are Jämshög, Kyrkhult, Vilshult, Gränum and Hemsjö. 

We have beautiful natural surroundings with wooded hills and a great number of lakes and watercourses, which invite you to enjoy meaningful and active recreational activities everywhere in the municipality. 

Culturally, there is much to say in connection with Olofström. Nobel prize winner Harry Martinson is one of our local sons, as is Sven Edvin Salje, one of Sweden's most widely read authors. Also Carl Eldh, one of Sweden's biggest sculptors, was connected to the municipality. 

Motoring gave the municipality its big boost at the beginning of the 20th century. Today the collected car industry is represented in Olofström, spearheaded by VOLVO, the largest private workplace in the south of Sweden. Olofström has been a multicultural community for a long time. This blend has created openness among all our people. We in Olofström are known to be friendly and sociable. 

In Olofström you can find favourably priced and attractive lodgings and several ready-to-build-on plots are available. Olofström offers the best imaginable conditions for a calm and safe childhood and youth. Here children can grow up in a large social network in which we always make space for what is most important to us – our children! In Olofström, it is easy to find preschool places and there is at least one preschool in each large part of the municipality, i.e. Olofström, Jämshög, Kyrkhult, Vilshult and Gränum. 

If you want to know more about Olofström as a destination, please read further on www.visitolofstrom.se

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